If you made a purchase with a credit card at our store in Baker, CA, and you believe there is an issue with the transaction, please read this article carefully as it states the instructions and steps to take to correct any issue.

Double Charge

If you believe you were charged twice for an item on your purchase, please submit the following information via email to: customerservice@alienfreshjerky.com. Here is what we need in order to verify the transaction:

A copy of the original receipt showing the receipt number, date, time, line items, and the total for the transaction.
The last 4 digits as well as the First and Last name on the credit card used for the purchase

Once we have this information, please allow up to 14 business days to verify and process the information. Once this has been verified, we will notify you of our findings, and if a refund is issued, we will let you know as well.

Additional information may be required. If so, you may be asked to submit additional documentation via mail. Our mailing address is:

Alien Fresh Jerky
P.O. Box 475
Baker, CA 92309
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